Personal Testimonial- TBone Handle



  • On a recent trip to Las Vegas for a convention, I decided to take along my newly purchased TBone handle.  I admit that I actually thought about not taking it along, as I thought to myself "how convenient could this actually be?"  At the last minute, I decided to take it.
    I had not tried it out at all before taking it along, so I didn't really know what to expect.  I parked my car at the airport, grabbed my large, rolling luggage, pulled up the built-in telescoping handle, attached my TBone handle, and off I went.
    The TBone is very simple to latch on to the built-in luggage handle and provides an extension to the built-in handle.  The most impressive feature of this handle is that you don't have to twist your hand around to use the built-in luggage handle, but rather, the TBone handle lets you pull the luggage comfortably.
    Pulling my luggage through the parking garage, through the airport (on both ends of the trip), and through the hotel was very comfortable and didn't leave me with the usual wrist and forearm discomfort that is typical when pulling luggage around.  Normally, I'd stop and change arms a few times.....not this time! 
    Thank you, Larry Moad, inventor of the TBone handle, for a very innovative product. I got a lot of positive comments and inquiries about it.  My TBonewill be a constant travel companion from now on ! Find other great US made products at

  If you have problems pulling a “wheelie bag” behind you because the handle is too short, take a look at the TBone. I can speak personally to the effectiveness and ease of use of this luggage handle extender, which is made in the good old USA out of over 90% recycled PVB (the same material used in safety glass for car windshields).

I was able to stand more upright and greatly reduce my lower back fatigue. My wife liked that the finger grips helped prevent a tendonitis flare because her hand wasn’t twisted around in an awkward angle.  As you’ll notice in the pictures, I just placed the handle inside the wheelie bag handle, pulled upward and it was engaged and ready for use. Pushing downward releases the TBone.

When your hands are busy (as when begging the reservation clerk at the check in counter for that last exit row seat) there’s a toggle on the TBone that keeps it from slipping down the handle.  The TBone, which fits nearly every luggage handle manufactured, is compact enough that you can toss it in the suitcase or your carry on, ready for your destination. No snaps, straps or hooks required. For more information Simple fix for back aches!, October 03, 2013 Reviewer:Jonathan D. This little thing is amazing! The first time I used it, I wished I'd thought of it! It’s light weight and easy to stow, I can stand more upright when I pull a bag. Funny thing is, people are curious about it-- so I get asked about it all the time. Great conversation starter for sure when you’re at the airport and the only people that wanna talk are TSA and the bartenders. Recycled material, and US made. What a great match!  Extremely clever,

Reviewer:S Hanson After a recent trip, in which I kept thinking what an unnatural angle my arm and hand had to be in so that I could pull my wheeled bag, I thought that I would try to make something to clip onto the handle so that I could have my hand in a better ergonomic position. So I was REALLY surprised when I got the email advertising new Made in USA products, and there was my imagined invention -- only done much more elegantly than I had imagine. I have another trip coming up and will be able to airport-test it then, but trying it in my house, it solves the problem. Great product.


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